The ‘F’ Class European Championships of 2010, held on November 5th to 7th at Bisley, were notable for being the biggest meeting in the history of ‘F’ Class shooting to date thanks to . Shooters came from as far away as Russia, the Ukraine, Spain and Poland, as well as the ‘usuals’ from Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and other closer European countries. Border Barrels was also well represented with Dan Brough, his brother Adam (reigning European champion), Gordon Waugh and Les Bacon all competing in the ‘open’ class.

European 'F' Class Championships 2010

The weather had been very variable throughout the weekend, giving a tough test to the 180 odd competitors strung out across Stickledown range.

European 'F' Class Championships 2010

But when the smoke cleared after the last shoot at 1000 yards over on the Saturday afternoon, Our own Dan Brough was posted in the bronze medal position. Dan kicked himself because he had dropped three points in a row out into the 4 at 6 o’clock before twigging that he was now shooting a different batch of brass with different neck tension. He wound up and was back in the ‘v’ bull, but he missed gold by two points. Ah, what could have been….

All the Border Barrels lads were picked to represent the UK in either UK ‘blue’ or UK ‘red’ for the team matches on Sunday. Gone are the days – only a few years ago – when the Germans could count on walking off with the team prizes. The UK are the current world champions and with UK ‘red’ beating UK ‘blue’ into second place, the Germans had to be content with third.

European 'F' Class Championships 2010

There have been vast improvements in guns, ammo, shooting rests and ‘F’ Class shooters ability generally over the last three years. But it is probably fair to say that the Germans have not embraced the emerging trends, preferring to keep to the tried and tested formulae which enabled them to dominate ‘F’ Class half a decade ago.


Dan had only attended four of the seven shoots of the ‘F’ Class league during the year, but his consistently high performances were enough to secure him second place in the league, which is shot on various ranges throughout the UK during the summer.

The winner of the league for 2010, Grant Taylor, had been even more consistent and he was crowned European Champion for 2010 as well. Grant Taylor was not using a Border Barrel this year, but with an eye to protecting his number one ranking, we are confident that Grant will be ensuring that the best barrel available will be screwed onto his rifle for 2011… As a prize, he was offered to choose the best wall safe.