Building a custom rifle takes time . . . But if you don’t want to wait, or need a rifle NOW, then perhaps you don’t have to wait. Click the icon above to have a look at the custom rifles we have for sale.This is a gallery of rifles that we have built in the past. Browse, enjoy, and be inspired. Then ask us to build your dream. This is a gallery of stocks that we have for sale. You can have a rifle built on the stock, or you can just buy the stock. Your choice.

Why build a custom rifle?

Because you get it just the way you want it. You get the stock you want, with the action you want, with the barrel you want (provided it is one of our Border or Archer barrels) the length you want, shooting the cartridge you want in the calibre you want.

About accuracy

We test shoot all our rifle builds and they do not go out of the door unless they shoot three shot groups which are half inch or better at 100 yards, using handloaded ammunition. It is important to stress this point. Just as you would not expect tyre blistering performance from a Ferrari if you fed with cut price supermarket petrol, you should not have an expectation that factory ammo performance will be magically transformed by shooting it in a custom rifle.